Sustainable bee keeping course

22-23 April 2017 Ragmans Lane Farm, Forest of Dean, GL17 9PA.

A Bees for development event

A weekend Course on sustainable beekeeping. We cover the management of bees, and natural ways to take care of them. This Course is suitable for those with or without previous knowledge of beekeeping.


  • Meet the bees - a hands-on look at a honey bee colony
  • The natural lifecycle of honey bees - basic bee biology and ecology
  • The relationship between bees and flowers - pollination, plants and biodiversity
  • Keeping bees healthy - what to do and when to act
  • Making and building low-cost hives - practical demonstration
  • Warre People's Hive, top-bar hives, frame hives: we look at each and help you chose which system is best for you

"It was friendly, accommodated various levels of knowledge, and offered a vision of sustainability in beekeeping without being prescriptive. I think we were all inspired! The balance of theory and practice was just right." Past participant.

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