Virtual Field Days

The evolving situation with COVID-19 lead to rapid changes in how people communicate and connect with one another. These are extraordinary and challenging times for all of us, not least for farmers at the forefront of food production with increased pressures on production systems to meet the demands of supply chains. Agricology offers isolating farmers the opportunity to connect with other farmers and researchers to learn more about making their farming systems more sustainable and resilient. This free online resource allows farmers and researchers to share their knowledge and experiences so others can learn from their successes and mistakes as they transition to more sustainable farming systems. 

We have been looking at ways Agricology could offer more support to the farming community during this crisis. Members of the Agricology Steering Group representing over 30 partner organisations recently ‘virtually’ met to brainstorm solutions to the difficulties presented of no face-to-face contact. Over the coming weeks and months we will be working closely with our network to continue to share the latest ideas from farmers and researchers. In addition to our regular features on sustainable farming practices we will also be:

* Launched our first ever virtual Field Days in collaboration with partners

* Launched our Podcasts with expert insights from farmers and researchers

* Sharing other Events in our network

If you have an inspiring story, video, podcast or event to share with us from the farm please get in touch with our Editor via