Plants in the Wrong Place? Agroecological Approaches to Weed Control

- Jez Taylor, Daylesford Farm

Agricology / Oxford Real Farming Conference
January 2019
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Farmer experience
Key Farming Practices: 
Mechanical weeding
Biological control

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Resource explained: 

Getting on top of problem weeds requires an integrated approach; including direct, cultural and biological control methods. This is video footage filmed at the Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) 2019 of Jez Taylor from Daylesford Organic Farm who describes the important techniques that are used in the market garden. It formed part of a session that outlined agroecological approaches to managing weeds, with examples of some of the most troublesome arable and horticultural weed species.

Findings & recommendations: 

View more video footage recorded at the ORFC here.


Photo credit: Martin Morrel. All rights reserved.

Summary provided by: 
Janie Caldbeck