Grazed black grass

No-till and mob-grazing

Farmerama podcast

March 2017
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Farmer experience
Key Farming Practices: 
Mob grazing
No Till
Soil monitoring
Mixed farming

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Resource explained: 

In this podcast Hertfordshire arable farmer John Cherry talks about his experiences of converting to no-till and mob grazing - with reference to managing black-grass and renewed fertility in the soil. You can hear about the effect it has had on the bottom line even in low-yielding years.

Findings & recommendations: 
  • Farmerama Radio describes itself as a community sourced radio that produces a monthly podcast "sharing the voices of smaller scale farmers in the UK and beyond."
  • John Cherry is involved in the 'OurField' project, read about it here. He also hosts the Groundswell farming conference (tickets for this year's event on June 28th/29th with one day focusing on no-till, and the other on mob grazing, are now on sale).

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