Intercropping for Sustainability conference

(Panel discussion of the evening of the 2nd day)

DIVERSify and ReMIX project consortiums / Association of Applied Biologists / Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF)
January 2021
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Applied research
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Companion crops

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The DIVERSify and ReMIX projects joined forces with the Association of Applied Biologists to hold a three-day virtual conference on ‘Intercropping for Sustainability’ on 18th-20th January 2021. It attracted delegates from research and farming in countries across Europe and beyond. The three days of the conference were organised into nine talking sessions and two poster sessions; covering themes from crop breeding and understanding biodiversity mechanisms, to practical intercrop management and decision support. On the second day, Caroline Drummond (Linking Environment And Farming, UK) hosted an evening panel discussion with panel members offering their insights into intercropping from farming, breeding, agronomy and research backgrounds. This is footage of that discussion; featuring panel members Eveline Adam (representing crop breeding), Andy Howard (farming), and Martin Weih and Robin Walker (intercropping research). This session engaged many stakeholders from the agricultural community who put forward questions about intercropping and explored the challenges and opportunities from a range of perspectives.

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Janie Caldbeck