Healthy Farm Systems - John Pawsey

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John Pawsey gives us some insight into the principles of how he achieves health on his mixed organic farm in East Anglia, following his participation in the Farm System Health Project. The Organic Research Centre recently completed the project exploring this concept, along with the University of Bonn and the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research in Berlin, Germany. One of the four guiding principles of organic agriculture is the aim to promote health on all levels of the farming system. This project, which was funded by the Ekhaga Foundation, in Sweden, worked with a network of farms in the UK, Germany and Austria to jointly develop a set of criteria for farm health measurement that could be applied practically.

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  • Find out more about the Farm System Health in Practice Project here.
  • Find out more about Shimpling Park Farm in John's farmer profile here.
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Janie Caldbeck