Mulching for Weed Control

29 March 2018

In this month’s Agricology vlog, Jez Taylor - head grower at Daylesford Organic Farm in the Cotswolds, discusses how he manages weeds in their organic market garden system, explaining that weeds can have a huge impact on the crops, potentially robbing them of nutrition.

  • He describes how they wait for weeds to become visible after planting crops, then use field hoes or rotavators around crops.
  • But as it is now March and there is no chance of cultivating, they carry out mulching - particularly of perennials.
  • He goes on to describe how they use a covering of mypex plastic to smother weeds, having found it the most effective way of controlling weeds in perennials.
  • He discusses the sustainability of using mypex and maximising garden space by growing something in every inter row.

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