Harvesting sainfoin

11 July 2016

Sainfoin harvest at Daylesford farm, Gloucestershire

  • Richard Smith shows the sainfoin crop being mown at Daylesford Organic farm - a follow on from his previous video blogs.
  • Mowing has been delayed due to the wet weather, in perfect conditions it would have been cut about a fortnight earlier (mid-June) whilst in mid-flower.
  • Despite the conditions, there is a fantastic crop – a mixture of sainfoin and native grasses – it should yield 15 tonnes per acre of fresh weight silage (or 37.5 tonnes per hectare).
  • Sainfoin is mown quite high - as a ‘crown grown’ plant you should avoid cutting it too low so the plant can recover quickly. This makes it possible to get a second cut in September.
  • Alternatively you can leave it to grow and harvest the seed in mid to late September. Sainfoin combines easily and a good crop will yield 150 kg per acre of good seed.
  • Last week we held the first Agricology Open Day, it was a great event thanks to all those who came along. Keep following our news and blog for details of the next one!
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Richard Smith

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