Fecal Egg Counts (Fecpak) - Agricology Vlog August 2019

7 August 2019

In this month's Agricology vlog, Richard Smith, Farms Manager for Daylesford Organic, discusses a method they use on the farm called Fecpak which allows them to monitor the internal parasites of the sheep so as to reduce the need for drenching.

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Hi Richard; Have you thought about Running Chicken tractors 3 to 4 days behind mob grazed sheep. There are many advantages to doing this. Chickens will eat all the grubs in the dung. They will spread the dung to give better fertilization. Give a second stream of income in eggs and meat. Mob grazing the sheep will give them a fresh bite of grass every day and the pasture can be better managed. See Jole Salatin Youtube films on the subject. V informative. Regards Colin.
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Hi Colin, we really appreciate you making the comment and do completely understand where you are coming. We do run chickens along with sheep in our organic system but the sheep outweigh the acreage so in this instance it wouldn’t be practical for us to do this on such a scale. Kind Regards, Agricology

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