AFINET - AgroForestry Innovations NETwork

19 June 2019

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727872


AFINET is a thematic network established to foster exchange and knowledge transfer between scientists and practitioners involved in agroforestry. It acts at EU level; putting research results into practice and promoting innovative ideas to face challenges and resolve problems of practitioners.

To achieve this there is:

  • A European interregional network composed of 'Regional Agroforestry Innovation Networks (RAINs)', which are working groups created in 9 regions of Europe (Spain, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Poland, France and Finland), co-ordinated by an 'Innovation Broker' (who focuses on establishing relationships within the network and promoting knowledge exchange). RAINs represent different climatic, geographical, social and cultural conditions and include a balanced representation of farmers, policy makers, advisory services, extension services, etc.
  • A European reservoir of scientific and practical knowledge of agroforestry where all the information collected and the materials created in the project are published - in the 'Knowledge Cloud.'


AFINET has five specific objectives:

1. To establish the system and methodological basis for knowledge exchange, based on the implementation of Regional Agroforestry Innovation Networks (RAINs).

2. To build the Agroforestry Knowledge Cloud (KC) that will foster knowledge exchange by integrating and synthesising existing pools of information. It will include knowledge coming from the RAINs - innovative practices and experiences as well as regional, national and international project results, grey and scientific literature. All the available resources will be gathered into the state-of-the-art Knowledge Cloud repository that will work as a source of knowledge and experience on innovative agroforestry practices at EU level.

3. To improve the applied knowledge about agroforestry practices of the different target groups, through specific dissemination activities and training, in order to promote sustainable land management throughout Europe. AFINET will create several materials to share the information collected: innovation factsheets, videos, innovations tutorials, newsletters, training modules and technical articles. Partners will also organise events at regional at international level.

 4. To maximise synergies between European, national and regional policies related to the agroforestry sector to support the effective implementation of the innovations proposed.

5. To communicate the AFINET outputs across Europe and internationally, through close interactions with farmer networks and extension services.


  • As described above, you can view lots of useful materials on the AFINET website.
  • Search the Knowledge Cloud, or upload materials to the Knowledge Cloud.
  • Agricology also hosts many useful resources, blogs, videos and farmer profiles in connection with agroforestry - see 'Related content.'

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