Pip Robb

Job Title: 

Project Manager, Agricology

Growing up on the Somerset/Dorset border gave me a real appreciation of the British countryside and the climatic and economic challenges our Agricultural communities are currently facing. Having been involved in the running of our family herbaceous plant nursery for over 20 years I also have an insight into the issues facing horticultural producers and retailers. A spell managing Soil Association supporter membership reinforced my interest in more sustainable food production and land management.
I have a marketing background, most recently focussed on creating effective customer and supporter experiences for a number of commercial and charitable organisations. I am thrilled to be keeping Lydia’s project manager’s chair warm during her maternity leave, and working with the Agricology team to ensure relevant, accessible knowledge and evidence to support farmers at every stage of their Agroecology journey.
When not working I will usually be pottering about with my daughters’ event horses on our small field in Gloucestershire. I have also recently become a trustee of the Moorland Mousie Trust, a charity protecting the Exmoor Pony breed and their vital role in conservation grazing.