Phil Sumption

Job Title: 

Research Communication Officer

At heart I am an organic grower, though I can wear research, advisory or communications hats. Having grown up on a farm I went to Wye College to read Rural Environment Studies and stumbled across organic farming as a way of combining food production and environmental objectives.  Hooked, I worked and volunteered on several organic farms and gardens before managing the growing at Radford Mill Farm, near Bristol.

After 2 years VSO in Lao PDR for a provincial agricultural department I returned to the UK and worked at HDRA (later Garden Organic) in the research department on field scale veg production, variety trials, genetic resources and more! Simultaneously I converted a walled garden at Cotesbach to organic production and delivered conversion advice under OCIS. 

I worked at the Organic Research Centre (ORC) as Research Communications Officer between 2013-2018. Since July 2018 I have been based in Germany and am self-employed. My clients include the ORC, Agricology, the Organic Growers Alliance (OGA) and Culinaris. I am passionate about organic farming and growing and can’t keep my hands out of the dirt! My career has been about communicating the knowledge generated by research and farmer experience to enable organic growth (puns always intended). I am editor of the Organic Grower, which I founded with Tim Deane in 2007 for the OGA.