Janie Caldbeck

Job Title: 

Content Editor, Agricology

I co-ordinate, write and edit content on the site, working remotely for the Organic Research Centre (ORC) from my base in Lower Teesdale, Co. Durham.

I originally trained in the arts, gaining a Masters in Creative Writing, and also have some training in journalism and teaching. Pursuing my interest in the environment, developed from a passion of growing my own and being self sufficient, being brought up on farmland, and working on organic farms in Italy, I most recently gained a BSc hons in Horticulture and Global Plant Use (ethnobotany). This allowed me to explore man’s relationship with plants and how we can use resources to grow crops in ways that will benefit the crops and the larger environment. I have conducted detailed research in areas such as CO2 emissions from peatland drainage, the use of biochar, sustainable cropping systems, and medicinal qualities of trees.

During time spent working at Duchy College in Cornwall, particularly on the SWARM Hub, I met and worked with inspiring, forward thinking farmers who questioned ways of doing things and the reasons behind them, finding ways to balance the health of people, animals and the environment alongside financial necessities. I have been lucky enough to develop this further through my involvement with the Agricology project.