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Agricology is a growing community of farmers and researchers sharing knowledge to work towards more resource efficient, resilient and profitable agricultural systems. We are a collaboration of over 20 of the UKs leading organisations working with sustainable agriculture (see below) led by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, The Daylesford Foundation and the Organic Research Centre.

In response to increasing challenges including declining soil fertility, problem weeds such as blackgrass and increasing cost of inputs, there is a need to rethink the way we farm. Agricology supports farmers and growers to transition to more resilient, sustainable farming systems. Bringing together research and farmer experience on agroecological practices (such as reduced tillage, cover crops and reintegrating livestock) to replace inputs with knowledge.

Practical, sustainable farming, regardless of labels.

Agricology.co.uk brings together a library of resources on practical, sustainable farming with updates from the latest research and on-farm case studies. Monthly themes focus on seasonal topics, pulling together research and updates from the field and are shared in our monthly newsletter. Providing opportunity to share knowledge with other farmers at events in the field and joining the conversation on social media @agricology

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Our volunteer copywriters span a wide range of expertise and disciplines and make an invaluable contribution. There are always opportunities to volunteer so please get in touch if you are interested.