4.9m Investment in UK Food Sysem Sustainability
Global Food Security
25 Nov 2017
The UK’s Global Food Security programme is funding £4.9 million of interdisciplinary research to...
Winter Organic Cereals Workshop
Rushall Organics, Wiltshire
23 Nov 2017
Join us at Rushall Organics for a one-day workshop to discuss intercropping (morning) and cereal...
Grazed and Confused
Sustainable Food Trust
12 Nov 2017
An initial response to Grazed and Confused, a report by the Food Climate Research Network. The...
Soil Health; A Living Perspective
Glasshouse College, West Midlands
6 Nov 2017
This event is a comprehensive full day presentation, suitable for both commercial farmers (...
Field Lab: Good Green Manures Event
Soil Association, Alloa
2 Nov 2017
This field lab is comparing different green manure mixes, looking at their benefits on the soil,...
Exploring Pasture Farming in the Field
British Ecological Society, Cotswolds
25 Oct 2017
This British Ecological Society event will explore pasture farming in the field: pros, cons and...




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