Katie Bliss

Project Manager

I grew up on an arable farm in the Cambridgeshire Fens. In 2013 I took a career break and went on a farming-themed cycle tour around Europe, visiting and working on farms and sustainable food initiatives, gathering ideas for the future of our family farm.


Back at home, I worked with my parents to look at how we could be better use ecology to reduce our reliance on inputs and create a more sustainable agroecosystem. This inspired me to study MSc Agroecology, getting deeper into the science with leading researchers and spending time in field trials, greenhouses and the lab.


On Ferry Farm we are now collaborating with a neighbouring dairy farmer to create a more diverse rotation and capture the benefits of mixed farming; including using leys, returning manure and digestate to the soil and this year experimenting with a small area of heritage grains and a genetically diverse winter wheat population. I now realise that this is a process of change at a whole system level and it will not happen overnight. But we are on our way! I see Agricology as a platform to support farmers on this journey. To bridge the gap between science and practice, to provide research in a clear and relevant format and a space for farmers, organic and conventional, to share practical advice and inspiration. 


I am delighted to be the Project Manager for Agricology and to continue to grow this excellent initiative.


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